festival index

In Egypt, holidays that are not religiously based, such as National Day, May Day and Liberation Day are static and occur on the same date each year but religious holidays and festivals are mainly based on moon phases and move annually like Easter does in Europe.  We have given timetables for the Egyptian holidays of 2008 and 2009, although some dates will depend on the sightings of the moon and still have to be confirmed. 

Banks will close on many of the holidays but not all shops will as the Coptic holidays are naturally followed mainly by the Copts and the Islamic ones are followed by Muslims and so Egypt does not actually come to a standstill on any of the religious holidays as part of the nation will still be working.

An outline has been given of all the holidays and festivals that affect Luxor.  Some like the Abu el Haggag Moulid which occurs two weeks before the star of Ramadan and the Festival of St. George at Armant are localised, others such as Ramadan and Hajj are not actually festivals as they are part of the pillars of Islam but nevertheless we have included them in this section for your information.  In addition there is Mother's Day in March which is widely celebrated but is not a public holiday.