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ACE was opened in July 2000 by two animal lovers who had initially come to Egypt on holiday. They were so distressed by the condition of the horses and donkeys they saw around Luxor that they decided to do something to help. Kim now is now a permanent resident in Luxor and manages the new veterinary hospital.

It started as a simple idea to give animals a break from their long working day in the hot sun, somewhere they could have their tack removed, a wash and a drink. The dirt and sweat under the tack was rubbing, causing sores and eventually open wounds. ACE tries to improve the lives of these animals not only by treatment but also by education and prevention. The service quickly grew into the extensive animal care organisation that it is today and in 2007 ACE took over much of the work that had been done by the Brooke Clinic when its clinic near Luxor Temple closed. This stretched their resources in terms of space and finances to the limit.

In 2008 ACE moved into its new veterinary hospital buildings where more animals can be treated in better conditions. There are up to 200 animals visiting a day (most requiring some sort of medical attention), ranging from water buffalo, camels, horses and donkeys to cats, dogs and even tortoises. ACE offers its services completely free of charge and is funded solely from donations. Consequently, from January 2009 they will not be able to treat cows, sheep or goats as these are in the food-chain and are creating a drain on scarce resources

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At present they have a number of kittens and puppies at the new hospital who are waiting for homes so if you are resident in Luxor and looking for a pet then please contact them on 0020 959 280727 or by email on

You can read up-to-date reports on their exciting developments on their blog at