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Little Stars is devoted to the welfare of Luxor’s orphaned, disabled and disadvantaged children but has had great support and has grown rapidly. It has both United Kingdom and Egyptian registration and its free clinics are regularly inspected and fully licensed.

The charity started at the end of May 2007 with a bequest from Connie Tindale and Raymond Hall in memory of their brother who was disabled following a traffic accident in the UK. Connie was injured in a traffic accident in Luxor in February 2007 when she was run over by a calleche and from her experience as a disabled person, she developed a desire to help those who needed it most.

Since then Little Stars has raised nearly 2,000,000 le and has opened a new clinic which provides physiotherapy, speech therapy and dental treatment for disabled children on the west bank of the River Nile close to Qurna Hospital. A general practitioner will be added to the staff very soon. The clinic is open from 1.00 p.m. until 8.00 p.m. and there is someone in attendance for most of those hours.

A new hadana (nursery school) will soon open as part of Little Stars' education scheme. Children will be drawn from the sponsored families and those in need who live within travelling distance of the clinic. Another innovation for which building has begun (March 2010) is the creation of a Training Centre for village women and older girls which is aimed at increasing families' self-sufficiency and less reliance on charity help.

The new clinic also serves as a central point for the distribution of food parcels on the west bank and will soon offer optical and dental service for children.. There is also a Distribution Centre on the east bank close to the International Hospital which stores food items, children’s clothes, wheelchairs and walking aids for distribution to children on both sides of the river.

new clinicnew clinicfood distribution
The new clinic in Qurna is bright and airy with well equipped treatment rooms and also acts as a food distribution centre

This charity works closely with local charities and is at present trying to raise funds for the purchase of a mini-bus for the Good Samaritan Home for Disabled Children. A monthly donation is given to the good Samaritans to cover their medical costs and the cost of employing extra teachers which enabled their school to open for five days each week rather than three days as before.

The charity also runs an 'Adopt and Egyptian Family Scheme' whereby sponsors donate £10.00 per month so that meat can be added to the monthly food parcels that they received from Little Stars. Also essential repairs are made to homes, warm clothing distributed and school fees covered. There are now more than 250 children in this programme.

All Little Stars services are offered completely free of charge and they are totally reliant on donations to keep the charity running. If you wish to contact them you can do so on

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