local charitable associations

Luxor has several local Charitable Associations, many of them attached to churches and to mosques. The Coptic Home for Orphaned Girls in Cleopatra Street is very well supported and takes girls from the age of six until marriage. They have their own modern building which is well equipped with computers and modern equipment.

Contrasting with the above charity is the Good Samaritan home for Disabled Children as the conditions in this particular home, although it is full of love and care, are far from ideal. Since then they have taken in an increasing number of mentally and physically disabled children and adults who are no longer able to care for themselves either through age or infirmity. The Home was started about two years ago and is situated at the back of the big Santa Maria Church in Karnak Temple Street. They run a school in separate accommodation and do an excellent job in caring for children who otherwise might lead a miserable life. New premises and a mini-bus to collect and transport disabled children to school are desperately needed.

The Karnak Society has been running the Karnak Charity Hospital since 1980 and offers their doctor and dental services at very low cost to needy families. They have a bright purpose-built complex close to the Heritage Centre and provide a much needed service for that area of Luxor. There is a free clinic for disabled children inside the Hospital which is funded by Little Stars.

On the West Bank of the Nile is the Society for Development which helps to care for families who are is desperate poverty. They provide school clothing, school bags and shoes for needy children, set up small shop ventures for struggling families so that they can care for themselves and buy buffaloes for widows with children so that their children can be fed and the excess milk turned into cheese and sold. This gives families means of supporting themselves rather than continually relying upon handouts and is most commendable.

All of these Associations are worthwhile and deserving of your support, without which they will not be able to carry out their work. If you would like to add other organisations to the ones we have mentioned then please let us know. As far as we are aware there are no local charitable associations that deal with the welfare of animals.