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There are many worthwhile overseas and British Registered charities in Luxor which deal with animals or with orphaned and disabled children. In addition there are notable local children's charities and those dealing with the relief of poverty that do not always get the publicity that they deserve.

Poverty is endemic in all developing countries and although Egypt is doing its best to deal with the problem, the world recession and spiralling world food prices have made the situation even worse than it was before.

Here we have given an outline of the charities that are making a difference in Luxor and would appreciate your support. An Internet Charity Shop Site is being developed to raise funds for Luxor's charities. You can support charities by donating through each site or by purchasing from the shop as 100% of the 'profits' are donated to charity. If you feel that another charity should be added to the list then let us know the details and we may upload them.