Connie Tindale
Mahatta Street suring renovationThe Tourist Souk after renovationThe Tourist Souyk before renovationLuxor Temple and the new piazaThe new Information Centre at the end of Mahatta Street

The renovation of Luxor has caused great controversy between those who wish to see Luxor enter the 21st Century and rise to the challenges that are brought about by increased tourist numbers, and those who wish to see Luxor retain its charm as a place with interesting narrow street lined with bazaars that is reminiscent of old and cherished photos. Which stance you personally take depends on your own perspective of the aims behind the renovations and what you perceive that they actually achieve - do they make Luxor a modern and vibrant city that competes in the tourist market or do they destroy something that should be protected along with all the ancient monuments that Luxor proudly possesses? The jury is out.

Here we have tried to explain something of what is happening in Luxor and have given before and after photos where possible to show the effects of the renovations that have taken place. Also included is a series of newspaper and academic articles relating to various views on the subject area.