religions and festivals

Abu el Haggag FestivalSanta MariaMosque inside Luxor TempleCoptic Cross - Deir el MedinaAbu el Haggag Festival

Luxor's main religion is Islam and there are mosques throughout Luxor. From dawn until after dark, the call to prayer can be heard throughout the city on both sides of the river. Egypt is 90% Islamic and 10% Coptic but the Coptic religion is the older of the two. Academics are divided on whether the Coptic religion grew out of the old Egyptian beliefs, but there are great similarities.

There is a wealth of religious and secular festivals. There are not only the usual Coptic festivals of Christmas and Easter and the Islamic Eid festivals and Ramadan, there are local ones as well such as the Moulid of Abu el Haggag and the festival of St. George at Armant plus a number of smaller festivals on the West Bank. For secular celebrations there are national holidays such as National Day, May Day and Liberation Day.