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Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Palace is stunning from the ground but from the air it is totally awe inspiring. Seeing the west bank villages and monuments from the air is an experience not to be missed but flying without an engine calls for complete confidence in the balloon pilot and the organisation he works for. All balloon flights take place on west bank and it is impossible to predict in advance of a flight which monuments will be flown over as everything depends on the prevailing wind on the day.  However, the expertise of the pilot will ensure that you see as much as possible.

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut taken from a balloon flight
From small beginnings the number of balloon companies in Luxor has mushroomed into double figures.  Like all businesses the original highly organised and successful balloon companies had their imitators but as with all things, imitators are never as good as the originals.  Cheap copies can seldom deliver excellence.

For safety in the air and services on the ground we believe that no other company can compare with Hod Hod Soliman.  They are not the cheapest in the market by far but they are the best.  The owner of Hod Hod, Mohammed Ezz, is a flamboyant character who has not only a fist full of awards but also a coveted Blue Peter Badge from when the BBC flew with Hod Hod while preparing a children's programme..

Flights can be booked through the Hod Hod Offices on  002 (0) 95 2271116, by mobile on 002 (0) 121158593, by email at or through your hotel.  The cost of a flight is £90 sterling for each passenger.

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