Connie Tindale

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As Luxor is in the Nile basin the surrounding landscape is mainly flat and this makes it ideal territory for riding bicycles. Wherever you go in town and our, you will see men and boys riding about ignoring traffic laws to get to their destination by the shortest route possible. It is unusual to see an Egyptian woman riding bicycles although they are sometimes seen sitting side-saddle on the back of a motorcycle.

It is easy to rent a bike on either side of the river. There are bike rental shops spread about the town and they are clearly labelled in many languages. The charge for renting a bike is somewhere around 10 LE for the day. The bikes lock to keep them safe and it is very rare to have a bicycle stolen.

Motorcycles can also be rented but beware as there can be problems with insurance and as most drivers in Luxor are not insured at all, the risks are quite high. The charge varies between 30 LE and 50 LE per hour depending on the shop you rent from and the type of bike.

Cars can also be rented but again because of insurance problems a large deposit against damage is often requited. The cost of rental is around 150 LE to 200 LE per day. There are car rental shops in Tayeb Street and in several other streets off Television Street in central Luxor..

For around the same amount you can hire a vehicle with a driver so it does not really seem worthwhile to rent a car, unless you want the freedom (and worry) of driving yourself. Remember that if you wish to leave Luxor in a private car then you have to travel with one of the convoys.