Connie Tindale
Feluccas are not really a method of transporting people from one place to another as they are used mainly for leisure purposes. They provide the opportunity to experience quietly sailing up and down the Nile from Luxor to Luxor. It is not possible to go to other places on the river in a felucca. The only boats that are allowed to do this are the Cruise Liners.

However, the is nothing more pleasurable than to watch the sun set over the Theban Hills from a felucca as it slowly moves through the water. Then you can take your imagination back to ancient times when Ramses II crossed the river in his barge to see the progress of his mortuary temple or Ramses III crossed to get to his pleasure palace.

Prices of trips on the river vary from boat to boat and from season to season but the average price seems to be around 20 LE per hour for a person who is alone or more if they boat is carrying several passengers. You can travel down to visit the plantation on 'Banana Island' or go to 'Crocodile Island' which is the site of the Movenpick Hotel. Although feluccas do not use fuel, the present rise in costs is still likely to be reflected in the prices charged for felucca rides.

You may find the banter of some boat captains tiresome in their search for passengers but this is because there are a lot of boats and seldom enough tourists to fill them. Be patient and bargain, but remember that as in all things the boat captain has to make a living.