Connie Tindale

Micro buses are really mini-buses that have had extra seats put in them and they used to only run on the East Bank but are now being introduced on the West Bank and may soon replace the old service cars that run on that side of the river. The micro-buses are painted blue and white and constantly make their way through Luxor’s streets. The buses run in a sort of one-way loop in town and then head off in various directions from it. In a southerly direction they go to Awamia and Sharia Medina or they go past the International Hospital and on to the bus terminal which is referred to as Mo’aff or Mogaff. In the northerly direction they go towards either Karnak or the other bus terminal, this is again referred to as Mogaff.

There are no set bus stops, all you have to do is wave your arm to stop a bus and then ascertain from the driver where it is going. In town, the charge is 35 piastras per journey, whatever the direction or length that might be. Late at night, or if you are the only one on the bus, then it is better to give the driver more for his time and effort.

To go in the Television Street direction you need to ask for Mustashfa (hospital) or Medina (short for Sharia Medina). If you want to go past the big hotels in Sharia Khaled ibn el Walid then you ask for Awamia.

Not as many buses go to Karnak as go to the bus-terminal and you can wait a long time for one, which could then be completely full. In this case catch a bus, which is heading for Mogaff and when it has gone through town and has passed the big church, get off at the roundabout where the bus makes a right turn. (Just yell and the driver will stop). Hop off and cross the road. From that side of the road all buses go to Karnak so you can get on any of them. There are buses at that point which have yellow stripes across the bottom instead of blue ones. These buses serve the Karnak area but do not go into Luxor town.

Alternatively hail a taxi for 10 LE.