Connie Tindale


Service cars are converted Toyota pick-up trucks with bench seats and a covered back. Many of them are brightly coloured. They do not run through town but are Luxor's main source of transport from the East Bank bus stations to the outlying villages and for journeys throughout the West Bank. Shorter journeys cost 35 piastras but longer ones could cost up to 2.50 LE.

The bus services on the West Bank of the River Nile always started from the car park near the ferry but recently the car park has been removed to make way for the new Marina that is being constructed there. Most of the outlying villages are serviced by these vehicles. The buses fill quickly, after the ferry has emptied and everyone is anxious to get home but usually people in the back will shift along so that you can get in. The drivers shout out their destinations and all you have to do is hop into the back and pay when you reach your destination.

The buses tend to get very crowded during the rush hour and it is not uncommon to see people standing on the footplates and hanging onto the back for dear life. If this is too scary, you can commandeer a whole service car for your personal use for between 3 LE and 5 LE for a short journey or about 20 LE per hour if you wish to go to several places.

During the summer of 2008, mini-buses with the familiar blue stripe have been running on the main routes of the West Bank and it is anticipated that these might soon replace all the old service cars.