Connie Tindale


Luxor's taxis are ageing white Peugeots with blue markings. There are some newer vehicles in operation which have air conditioning but they are usually more expensive, smaller and do not generally have roof racks for extra luggage, however, they are very comfortable. The taxis vary widely both in the quality of the vehicle and the expertise of its driver. The cost of a journey in town was until recently 5 LE but is now 10 LE due to the increase in the cost of fuel. If you wish to go to the outer edges of town (Sheraton end or Karnak end) you can add a further 5 LE.

Terms for longer journeys are negotiable. If you try and negotiate the price of short journey then you are showing the driver that you do not know what the rate is and then he will generally over-charge you. Just get in the taxi, tell him where you want to go and then give him his 10 LE as you leave - preferably after you have got out of the vehicle. He may argue with you but it is usually a game that will nearly always end amicably. Compared with European prices this seems ridiculously cheap but it is the going rate. If you wish to pay more than that is your privilege and you can always say that the fare was 5 LE and the rest is baksheesh.

Most of the taxi ranks outside restaurants and hotels have been moved for security reasons but there is still a rank at the side of Luxor Temple and outside the Railway Station.. As taxis constantly patrol the streets looking for business, they are not difficult to find at any hour of the day or night.